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Awesome, Thanks Tracey! It was a pleasure working with you! I haven't been 173lbs. since my freshman / early sophomore year in High school. Thank you for all of your help!
In July 2008, I signed up with Tracey at the Gym; at the age of 78. I knew I would need a trainer in order to increase my strength, flexibility and balance. I worked with Mr. Bailey from July to January. He knew exactly what type of training I needed and the right amount. I was amazed that he could discern that I would be able to front squat 30lbs. and perform at least 6 full push-ups.
Even though I declined at his first challenge I decided it would be the motivation I would need and could tell my grandchildren about.  Mr. Bailey's patience and knowledge brought me to accomplishing our goals. Although not yet perfect they are satisfactory for my age group.

Thank you Tracey

-Mary Conley,   
 Tracey thank you for helping me drop 30. lbs and getting more explosive in the off-season, my preseason test where off the charts.
-Chris Myrdal, College football,   
Tracey even though I love working out I have to say your workouts are really tough and put together in a different way and that really helped me during my season.
-Austin Raines,   
Tracey  I really enjoyed our training sessions.
You helped me keep my heart strong and my waist thin. 
I enjoyed our training sessions and your Massage Therapy
-Dr. Magnus,   ABQ Health Partners
-Bryan S.